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    Peer-to-Peer Fundraise

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    You can open the link below and follow along on another tab or the link is also at the end of this tutorial when you're ready. []( Click "Fundraise!"
    You can chose to create a team, fundraise as an individual, or join an existing team.
    Once you've selected an option, enter your campaign target and contact information. From here, you can also upload your own photo! When you're done, click "Fundraise"
    Your fundraising page is now live! Your link is ready to share. *Note: At this stage, your page has been pre-populated with the same content on the PILSC campaign page! If you would like to change that, keep reading.
    If you would like to change the way your personal fundraising page looks, click "Edit my form".
    From here, you can change the content that shows on your page, update your photo(s), create a custom email for anyone who donates to your campaign, and access other ways to share your fundraising page.
    Make sure to "Save"!
    Now that you've watched our step-by-step tutorial, click on the link below to get started! [](

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