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    Perform a Backup of Zoneworks XT System

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      Tip! Clevertronics highly recommends setting up recurring backups, as backups protect against human errors, hardware failure, power failure and other unpredictable failures.

      How to access the backup GUI

      Click "System"
      Click "Backup / Restore"

      One-time Backup

      If you wish to download a copy of the backup click on the "Download a Copy" box.
      Click "Backup Now"
      Tip! Check your web browsers download location for the downloaded backup file.

      Re-Occurring Backups

      To setup a recurring backup schedule click on the edit button.
      Click on this date box.
      Choose a date for the start of the scheduled backup.
      Use the sliders to choose the time.
      Click off the date selection area.
      Click on the drop-down icon. Click on your chosen Frequency.
      Click the save icon to save this schedule.
      Tip! The automatic backups are store in the below folder. C:\\ProgramData\\Clevertronics\\ZoneworksXT\\Backup\\
      Click here to close the backup dialog.
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