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    Phase 0 (R) - Phase 1 (FTL) - Phase 2 (FTL) - communication popup

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      Navigate to [http://localhost:5001/secure/login](http://localhost:5001/secure/login)
      Click the "User ID:" field.
      Press [[cmd]] + [[v]]
      Click the "Password:" field.
      Click "Log In"
      Click "TRAF is enhancing our password requirements to ensure your personal data remains safe and secure. As a result, upon your first login after Octob..."
      Click "Welcome back to TRAF's Online Services!"
      Click "Email is set up as your default Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) device."
      Click "- TRAF Security Team"
      Click here.
      Click "Continue"
      Click "Terms and Conditions"
      Click "Terms and Conditions Please note: Our Terms and Conditions have recently changed and you will be required to accept them to continue TRAF ONLI..."
      Click the "I Accept" field.
      Click "Next"
      Click "ab****"
      Click the "Verification code" field.
      Press [[cmd]] + [[v]]
      Click "Verify"
      Click "Verify"
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