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    Picking an OMNI Wave on Handheld

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      Click "Standard Picking"
      The user should now scan the "Wave ID" of the tote label provided for the order to proceed and begin the order
      Tap the first location the user wishes to begin picking from
      The location that the user must pick from is in the highlight green field The items that the user must pick are shown in the highlihted red field along with their quantities
      To initiate a scan, press the highlighted button on the right hand side of the iPod\ \ Every item should be scanned one by one i.e. one item, one scan
      If the wrong item is scanned a 3 tone chime will alert the user along with the following error on screen
      Tap "Next" when all items are scanned for the requested (current) bin location
      Repeat step 2-4 until all requested items are picked from all locations
      When all locations and items have been scanned press the "Complete" button on the Choose Location screen
      If a user does not press the "Complete" after the entire order has been picked it will not reflect the correct status in WMS
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