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    Power Automate Workflow (Forms Submission -> Email to Recipients)

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    Navigate to [https://www.microsoft365.com/launch/excel?auth=2](https://www.microsoft365.com/launch/excel?auth=2)
    Create blank workbook in Excel online; ensure the file path is correct before proceeding to the next steps.
    Click "Insert"; click "Forms"; click "New Form". This will open a new Form in your browser.
    Design new Form.
    Switch to tab "Microsoft Power Automate"; click "Create"; click "Automated cloud flow"
    Enter Flow name and choose your flow's trigger. In this case we will use the Microsoft Forms trigger "When a new response is submitted". Click "Create".
    Locate your Form; in this case: "Title here".
    Click "+New Step"; click the "Search connectors and actions" field.
    Type "Outlook" in search bar; click "Office 365 Outlook"; choose "Send an email".
    Specify email addresses separated by semicolons. Type your own email address to test that the flow is working as expected prior to activating flow. You can edit this later.
    Type Subject; click "Add dynamic content"; Click "Response Id"
    Fill out the body of the email; click "Save"; click "Test"; click "Trigger flow manually"; click "Test".
    Switch to tab "Microsoft Forms"; click "Collect responses"; click "Copy link"; paste link into search bar; fill and submit the Form.
    Switch to tab "Microsoft Power Automate" to confirm flow ran successfully.
    Switch to tab "Outlook" to confirm email appears as expected.
    Switch to tab "Microsoft Power Automate", click on "edit" in top right corner of page, and replace your email address with that of the intended recipients.
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