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    Premises Liability Letter of Representation

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    Add Company's Information to Insurance Tab

    Use the intake to get the defendant's information.
    Google the address to confirm it is spelled correctly.
    Click "[[Insurance]]"
    Click "[[Add an Item]]"
    Click "**Insurance Type**" and select " Defendant Insurance"
    Since client did not obtain the insurance information from the place where incident took place, we need to send the letter of representation to that location.
    We don't need to add Information here because we don't have it at the moment.
    Click "[[Add contact]]"
    Fill it out with defendant's location information; Name, phone number & Address.

    Generate LOR

    Click "Choose a Template"
    Select "Slip & Fall LOR to []( with Preservation Language.docx"
    Click "Generate"
    Click "Slip & Fall LOR to with Preservation Language 2023-08-27 2218.docx"

    Edit LOR with Word Microsoft & Adobe

    Click the pencil to edit the LOR
    Click "Enable Editing"
    Add the defendant's company name and address.
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