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    Prepare Markups and Clean Copies to Word

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    Once you're ready to export your comments and markups back to Word, click the Send or Export button available in the top right of the analyzer workspace.
    Click "Export"
    The first dropdown provides you the type of export. In this guide, we'll focus on Markups or Clean Copies. Click markups will send your edits back out to a draft doc whereas a clean copy will be all changes accepted.
    In the next option, DocJuris provides you the option of either exporting just your changes (i.e., accept everything not edited/rejected) or preserving all edits (i.e., keep counterparty's edits as open markups).
    If you're done with this draft, complete the turn using this checkbox. This will make the turn read-only and save your edited clauses to precedent for future reference.
    There are two options to export. First, you can email yourself the draft. Or, second, you can directly download. Depending on any integrations, the Word doc can also be saved to a doc management system or CLM.
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