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    Prepare your position papers and resolutions for upload

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    Document Preparation

    myDais will only allow **ONE document** to be uploaded per student. Therefore all four of your papers (two position papers and two resolutions) need to be combined into one file.
    Please **organize** your combined documents **in this order**: position paper topic A, position paper topic B, resolution topic A, resolution topic B.
    Please make sure you have **proper headers** at the start of each new position paper (pp) or resolution (r). The header consists of the committee, country and topic should be listed in the top left corner. Along with topic please include one of the following to indicate the paper type: pp-A, pp-B, r-A, r-B. \ \ Committee: (type the name of your committee) \ Country: (type the name of your country) \ Topic: (type the *FULL* title of the topic) (paper type) Example: Committee: DISEC\ Country: Brazil \ Topic: Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (pp-B)
    Please follow our **file naming protocol**: committee_country ex: disec_brazil

    Document Upload

    Send your combined document, in the right order, with proper headers, and the right file name to your advisor **no later than** Oct 26th. They will upload it for you on myDais.

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