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    Proboxx Workflow - How to add Item / Sku's to your Proboxx portal

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    Adding SKU / Item to Proboxx portal

    Under the main dashboard, click "Items / SKUs"
    Click "Add SKU"
    Add product description under the "Description *" field. *** As an example in our dummy account my main product is Dog Leash - Black
    Choose the "Length Unit" of your Master Carton (CM or in Inch)
    Select your MC dimension preferred unit.
    Add your MC box dimensions "Length / Width / Height" field.
    Once full MC dimensions will be added to the system, the total CBM / CFT per MC will be calculated automatically.
    Click the "Package Type *" field.
    Click the "Package Type *" field and choose boxes or pallets for your specific SKU
    Choose the "Weight Unit" and select your box dimension preferred unit. (KG or LB)
    *** For this example we use our dummy account and selected KG.
    Add the "Weight" per MC field.
    Click the "Total Units (Pcs Inside)" field.
    You can add also the "Currency" field per MC & the cost per MC
    Add the price of each MC / pallet
    You can also add the exact model of the product under "Model" field.
    You can also choose the Manufacturer / Shipper from your Customer Parties list which associate with that product.
    Click "Add" to finalize the SKU item process.

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