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    Process Overview: Applying for Virtual Courses

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      CodePath’s new Application Portal provides a one-stop spot for applying to our remote courses including Technical Interview Prep, Web Development, Cybersecurity, iOS & Android Development.
      You can access the Application Portal from the CodePath website under “For Students” or from the Courses page. Just click Apply under the courses you are interested in taking.
      Sign in to the Application Portal using a verification code received via email or by signing in with your GitHub account.
      Participation in CodePath courses and communities requires a GitHub account. We recommend signing in to the Application Portal with GitHub to ensure your account information is synced across tools.
      Once you’re in, the My Application screen will guide you through your to dos and next steps as well as when you can expect to hear back from the CodePath team. You’ll go through a few sets of questions to identify eligible courses. Then, after choosing which courses to apply for and submitting your application, you’ll be prompted to complete required prework. The last step is to confirm your enrollment if admitted or gain observer access to the course if not.

      Step 1: Apply

      First, we’ll ask you to tell us more about yourself to ensure you meet eligibility requirements and prepare our team to better support you on your CS journey.
      Next, you’ll share about your current technical knowledge and interests.
      For each eligible pathway of interest, we’ll ask you a few questions to gauge the right course for you: beginner, intermediate, or advanced.
      We’ll then serve up eligible and recommended courses for you. Choose which courses you’d like to apply to including your preferred section, and then review your application carefully before submitting.

      Step 2: Complete Prework

      After submitting your application, you’ll be prompted to complete required prework for each course you’ve applied to.
      The sooner you complete prework, the more likely you are to be admitted into a course.

      Step 3: Confirm Enrollment

      After processing your prework, the CodePath team will notify you as to whether or not you’ve been accepted into the course. If accepted, you’ll be prompted to confirm your enrollment.
      If not accepted into the course, you’ll be able to gain observer access so you can complete the course on your own time.
      If you need support or have any more questions about our admissions process, please visit []( and click on Admissions.
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