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    Processing an In-Store Web Order Return to Original Payment Method

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      Return Pre-requisite Checks

      The web order return must be carried out to completion **separately from** any other transaction requested by the customer.\ \ *For example, this means if the customer wishes to have a web order returned instore & then purchase an item; the user must complete the entire web order return transaction, before starting a new transaction to facilitate the sale.*

      Initiating the Web Order Return

      Click "Sell/Return"
      Type your 4 digit employee number and press [[enter]]
      Type your password and press[[enter]]
      Ask the customer for the email address used when they placed their order
      Type in the customer's email address into the search bar and press[[enter]]
      Select the customer's profile
      Look at the customer's profile on the right-hand side of the window and select the "Web Order" tab
      Click the "+" beside the order being returned to open the order details
      Use the order's ***creation date*** and ***products*** to validate the customer's return request follows our outlined Return Policy for a **refund onto their original payment method** before proceeding further.\ \ [JD Sports Return Policy](\ [Size? Return Policy](\ [Livestock Return Policy](
      If the customer's returning order is outside of the regular return policy - the user may use steps 10 to 11 to confirm if the CX team has made an exception for approval.
      Click the "Notes" tab on the customer's profile page
      Find the respective note from the CX team of the customer's approval for a specific order
      Click the "Return" button on the respective order you are going to be processing the return for.

      Product Inspection

      **Before proceeding any further please confirm the status of the following details;** - Product Style Matches What the Customer Actually Ordered - Product Size - Product Condition
      Select **ONLY** the product which is being returned by clicking the checkbox beside the product as seen in the highlighted field.
      Verbally notify the customer that only the product will be returned and not any related shipping fees.
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