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    Project Actions Bar and Options

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    Select the "project actions" arrow next to the project title.
    You have now opened the project actions drop down menu. This is where you will find settings options for this specific project. To start, click "Edit project details"
    This window allows you to see project overall details like its due date, owner, team, and connected portfolios. These details can also be found in the project "Overview" view.
    Next on the drop down menu is "Review project permissions".
    This is where you can edit who can modify the project's workflow.
    You can select either "only project admins" or "project admins and editors".
    Next on the project action drop down is "Set color & icon".
    Next on the project actions drop down is "Copy project link". This allows you to share a project with someone outside of Asana.
    Next you will see "Duplicate" and "Save as template". "Duplicate" will make an exact copy of the current project. "Save as template" will turn the current project into a useable template.
    Clicking "Save as Template" will open the template editor where you can add more details.
    Next you will find "Add to portfolio". An Asana portfolio provides an overview of your important projects in one place.
    You can also see at the bottom what portfolios this project is already in.
    Next is "Import". This allows you to import project tasks from CSV, email, or Woofoo.
    "Export/Print" allows you to export or print the project tasks to move them into another software. Below that, you will find archive and delete. Archiving will remove a project from your day to day view without removing any details. It can still be found using the search bar. Deleting a project will remove the entire project permanently and deletes the project for everyone it is connected to. *Tasks associated with other projects will not be deleted.
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