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    Prospecting & Outreach on Facebook

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      Start by navigating the Facebook Home feed by clicking the Facebook logo in the top left.
      Click "Groups"
      In the Search field, enter the relevant keywords to find groups that have the target customers.
      For this example, we typed in "Read estate agents". Once a list of groups pulls up, start by joining 5-10 groups. Ensure that some are public and some are private groups.
      When you join a 'Private Group', you will be prompted to answer Membership Questions. Answer these to the best of your ability given the information you have access to. For email address requests, use the email address that was used to create the Facebook account.
      Answer the questions and Click "Submit".
      Continue to go down the list and join at least 10 groups the first day.
      To start prospecting, start by entering one of the groups
      There are a two main ways to Prospect and conduct Direct Outreach in Facebook groups: (1) Go to the group's member list and message each member directly (2) Go to the group's discussion and message the recently active members We will be covering both.
      For the first method, start by navigating to "People"
      Scroll down to 'new members' section and begin to work your way down the list.
      Click "Message"
      Paste (or type) in the message and hit send.
      Minimize the chat window.
      Always add them as by clicking "Add Friend". NOTE: For everyone you send a message to, add them as a friend as well.
      Continue to work your way down the list. If you see an opportunity to add personalization, please do so.
      For the second method, navigate to the 'Discussion' and contact the people who are have recently 'liked' or 'commented' on a post within the group.
      Click here.
      Click "Show all comments in chronological order, including potential spam."
      Go down the list and send the message. Remember to add them as a friend as you do this. This is also a good opportunity to add personalization because you can reference the post they liked or commented on.
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