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    Prospecting leads from Investors and adding them to

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    Navigate to []( or any Investor List you might have from "[](".
    Tip! Every investor will have a "Portfolio" section where they list all companies
    Click on each company
    Visit their website
    Navigate to [](
    Press [[ctrl]] + [[f]]
    Click "Careers ↗"
    Check the job roles they're hiring for
    Check the date of the job posted (if available)
    Tip: You can go directly to the company's linkedin page using the apollo side popup
    Avoid reaching out to companies that have jobs roles only posted 5+ weeks ago. Put them under "semi-qualified", "old-jobs"
    If company is hiring only for one job role like "Intern", it's not profitable to reach out so exit and tag "unqualified" "low-open-roles"
    Open apollo chrome extension
    Navigate to [](
    Click "Save Company"
    Click on the "Linkedin icon"
    Save all companies (irrespective of qualification) and Click "View in Apollo"
    Switch to tab "DO NOT PROSPECT LIST - Google Sheets"[](
    Open the list
    Press [[ctrl]] + [[f]]
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