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    Provisioning the iDonate API Key

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    Pull up the organization at [](
    Click "Organization"
    Click "Users"
    Ensure that there is not already an API user for this org
    If there is not already an API user, make note of the org's email domain.
    Click "NEW USER"
    Enter apiuser@[orgcustomdomain] as the API user's email
    Click "Select an option"
    Choose "Admin" from the dropdown
    Click "CREATE USER"
    In a new tab, navigate to [](
    Click "People"
    Click "Organization Users"
    Click the "Search..." field.
    Click here.
    Alert! Didn't get any results? Check to be sure "Active Platform" at the top right of the screen displays the correct platform for the org.
    Click the User
    Click "Create Gateway Credentials"
    Click "Create Consumer and Generate Key"
    Copy the "Auth Key"

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