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    Quick-Start Guide to Using BrightInvestor

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    First, you will notice the **Map Viewport**. This is the center space where you will map all your data.
    You can **zoom in or out** by scrolling, or you can press these **\+** or **\-** buttons.
    By clicking the **Satellite** button, you can change views for a different perspective.
    Tip! Press the checkmark by **Labels** to make your map look cleaner.
    **Drag and drop** the yellow BrightInvestor pin over the map to get a focused view by radius.
    Tip! You can also drop a pin by right-clicking anywhere on the map and pressing **Drop Pin.**
    The **Search Bar** allows you to input and view markets by **Addresses, Neighborhoods, Zip Codes,** and **Cities.**
    After dropping a pin or searching an area in the search bar, **Step 1** of the sidebar is where you select from a variety of data types.
    After selecting a data type, **Step 2** of the sidebar allows you to tailor the data to your criteria.
    **Step 3** of the sidebar displays the **Data Summary** of your selected area, allowing you to identify trends and compare locations to find the best of them.
    At the end of a search, you can **Add Map To Layer** to stack data types on top of each other.
    Clicking **Layers** allows you to hide and unhide the data maps, making it easier than ever to compare valuable areas.
    Lastly, you can click **Add Page** and BrightInvestor will convert the map on your screen into a PDF page.
    Once you have added all the pages you want, click **Generate PDF** to get a full report.
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