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    Quoting & Setting Up a Subscription Job In Jobber

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    Navigate to [https://secure.getjobber.com/home](https://secure.getjobber.com/home)

    Quoting Subscription Plans

    Click "Create"
    Click "Quote"
    Click here to assign a client if it hasn't been added already
    Click the client from the list
    Click the "Title" field to title the quote, this will become the name of the job if approved and converted

    Quoting A Single Plan

    If quoting one option complete the line item

    If Allowing a Client Choose From Multiple Plans

    Click "Add Optional Line Item"
    Choose your line item or create one
    Tip! Try to use products or services already saved in Jobber to prevent reporting and bookkeeping issues.
    Click the "Unit Price" field to add or update the pricing as needed
    Tip! Changing line item descriptions and pricing does not impact reporting or bookkeeping
    Create additional "Optional Line Items" for each level of service
    Click here.

    Taking The First Payment

    Click "Add Required Deposit" to collect the first payment and collect the credit card information for your subscription
    Click this dropdown and switch from $ to %
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