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    Navigate to RSP Supply's website: <>
    Click "Product Menu"
    Click on the correct category.\ \ For this example I chose "Surge Protection & Filters"
    Then I clicked on "RF Surge Protectors"
    I typically like to filter by brand/manufacturer first.\ \ In this case I chose Polyphaser because they are the best in the market for Surge Protection.
    Click "More..." to expand your filter options in a category
    I clicked "More..." for the "Frequency Max (RF Protection)" section
    I clicked "More..." because I need both connectors to be N Female
    I clicked on "N Female"
    I chose N Female for the second connection.
    Then I clicked on "1 GHz" for the "Frequency Max (RF Protection)"
    Then I chose the "Max Watts (RF Protection)" for this case I chose "200 Watts"
    This part was my only option so I chose this one.
    If this wasn't the right part number you can click the back button to return to your selected filters.
    You can also remove filters that have been selected by clicking on the orange "X" bubbles.
    This would be helpful if you have flexibility on certain specs or if they're open to alternatives.
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