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    Rate Schedule General Information Section

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    To find a rate, hover over "Utility Rates" ==> "View All Rates Schedules"
    Select a rate to navigate into the Rate Schedule.
    Tip! You may also access rate details directly from your Energy Use Profile or Proposal
    Click on any of the blue text found in the "General Info" section.
    The "Effective Date" is the date when this rate was last updated with the utility's most recent rate information. "Charge Bundling" allows the generation charges to be separated from delivery. "What data do we track?" allows Imports, Exports, or NBC's (non-bypassable charges) to be marked and separated within the rate for Net Billing purposes.
    The "Applicable Facilities" information is taken directly from the "Applicability" section of each electric utility's rate tariff.
    The "Notes" section often includes important information about each rate like other possible rate names the utility uses, whether taxes are included or excluded, and more.
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