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    Recruiter Talent Process

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      Alert! All Candidate's profile are to be created via our job application on the SourceNow website.
      Once the applicant applies online, everyone in the branch will receive an email notification that there is a new applicant. It will also show what job the applicant applied to.
      Click Pipeline Applicant
      After clicking "Pipeline Applicant" it will take you to Avionte to the Web Applicants for that job.
      Find the candidates name that applied and click on the Score % .
      Tip! you must ALWAYS check the score of the applicant to make sure that they are eligible to work in the US and are of age.
      This is what the results look like.
      Click Close once finish viewing
      Click on the yellow icon to pipeline the candidate to the job.
      Click the dropdown under stage.
      Select Needs Onboarding
      Click the dropdown under Email to.
      Select Owners
      Alert! It is important to always select owners and double check that everyone in the branch is on there including the onboarding specialist. If this step is misses the onboarding team will NOT be aware that a candidate needs onboarding.
      Click on templates.
      Select Needs Onboarding
      On the text box type any additional onboarding requirements the candidate needs followed by the approximated start date.
      Alert! By adding the approximated start date it will allow the onboarding team to prioritize candidates onboarding.
      Click Pipeline Applicant
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