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    Register for Universal Preschool

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    Navigate to [](
    Click the "Universal Preschool Colorado" tab, and click on "Universal Preschool"
    Click "Register and Browse Universal Preschool Providers"
    To search for UPK providers and to see more details about their programs, click "Browse Providers"
    Click "24/25 School Year: Register Now" to start the UPK application
    You can log in if you have previously created a UPK application.
    Enter your information, and click "Sign up
    If you do not have a permanent address, click the box next to "I do not have a Colorado address"
    Enter your address and click "Next"
    Enter your child's LEGAL NAME that appears on their birth certificate.
    Enter your child's name and date of birth.
    Click "Add another child" if you are applying for more than one child.
    Click "Done"
    Confirm the information is correct, then click "Next"
    You can click the purple link to learn more about which income ranges will qualify for additional hours, based on household size.
    Select the number of people that live in your household and click "Next"
    Select the range that best fits your household income and click "Next"
    Select your response and click "Next"
    Select your response and click "Next"
    Select your response and click "Next"

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