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    Registering Your D-100 Duo Token

    • Donald Sloat |
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    Navigate to [](
    Click the "Username" field.
    Enter your DCCCid and Password
    Click "Register Duo Hardware Token"
    Click the "Duo Hardware Token Serial Number" field.
    Enter the Serial Number from your Token without hyphens. Digits only.
    Click "Continue"
    Click "Back"
    Tip! - Your D-100 Token is immediately active. Let's Log out and log back in to use it for the first time.
    Click "Logout"
    Enter your DCCCid and Password
    Click "Enter a Passcode"
    Press the Green Button on your Duo Token
    Enter the 6 Digit passcode displayed on your Duo Token and then Click "Log In"
    Alert! You will now be prompted to create your Duo Bypass codes, which will allow you to access the College's systems if do not have your Duo Token available. Please keep these in a safe place and do NOT write down your DCCCid, College Name or any personally identifiable information on the printout.
    Tip! You can skip enrollment for a limited number of times, however you will be forced to proceed with creation of the codes after a set number of skip attempts.
    Click "Continue"
    Click "Print Duo Codes"
    Switch to tab "Printed One Time Passcodes" and Print Your Codes
    Click "Close this tab"
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