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    Registration of Domain(s) in Gandi

    • Magdalena Simanjuntak |
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    • 3 minutes
    Navigate to [](
    Click "DASHBOARD"
    Click icon Shopping cart.
    Click "Start shopping"
    Fill in with the domain name that need to be registered.
    Click Search.
    Available domains list. Click the desired domain.
    Click "Add to shopping cart"
    Click "Checkout"
    Choose the customer from drop-down.
    Click here if: For my reseller organization.
    Click here if: For someone else.
    Click "Continue"
    Click this dropdown for more than 1 year.
    Uncheck the "Try our mailbox offer" field.
    Always Un-check the "Automatic renewal" field.
    Checks all boxes.
    Double check -1
    Double check -2
    Double check -3
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