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    Reports | Generate a Site Variance Report

    • Kristian Nikolaidis |
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    • 2 minutes
    Click **Reports**.
    Click **Site variance report**.
    The **Site variance report** page is displayed.\ The options to scope the report are presented at the top of the page.
    Select a time period.
    Or define one by selecting a start and end dates.
    Select the required metrics: **Hours**, **Costs**, or **Hours + Costs**.
    Select whether to have no split or to split the report **by week** or **by day**.
    Select how to sort the data in the report.
    Tick the **Reprocess costs** checkbox if you need to regenerate the report after making changes to the award.
    **Tip!**\ Hover the mouse cursor over the question mark icon to get more information.
    Click **Generate**.
    Select the required sites and click **Submit**.
    The report is generated.
    The report can be printed, exported to a PDF file (using the print menu options), or exported to an XLS file.
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