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    Requesting a Refund from CardConnect for an Organization

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    Navigate to [](
    Insert MID in Search box or select DBA name if already entered
    Click "Tickets"
    Click "Create Ticket"
    Click the "What type of ticket are you looking for?" field.
    Click "Risk / Collections"
    Click the "Reason" field.
    Click "Refund Request"
    Click this button.
    Select month that the fee is charged on.
    Click "Request Type"
    Click "Fee Refund" or applicable fee needed.
    Click this field.
    Enter the amount of the refund.
    Click the "Description" field.
    Type the fee that was charged and the amount and request a refund.
    Click "Save"
    Refunds are usually completed in five days. The organization will usually see the funds in ten days. You can follow up with the organization after you see the refund has been processed or let them know the timeframe the refund should occur.

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