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    Requesting a Student Job Posting in SmartRecruiters

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    Navigate to [](
    From the left side bar, Click "Administrative Tasks"
    Click "Talent Searches"
    Once in Smart Recruiters, on the top right side, click the icon with the + right next to your account photo. (It used to be green but is now just a black + on a white background.)
    Click "Create job"
    At the "Job Title" field, start typing a key word of the student job template you are looking for. Or: On the right side, find the words "Use Template".
    Click "USE TEMPLATE" (If an existing template does not exist, you can just start typing the name of the posting in that box, and create a new posting.) Then type in location: Minneapolis, MN USA
    In the search bar at the top left, type in the name of the position or any keyword. In this example, we chose "Student: Academic Advising Assistant TEMPLATE". Click the template you would like to use. (Again, this step is also only if you have a template.)
    Proceed using your chosen template, filling in all required fields (fields with a \* are required) to send it for approval.

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