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    Review and edit transactions

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    generate.TAX has tried to simplify the review of transactions within the product - there are 2 main types of how a transaction can be reviewed/opened.

    Open & edit a transaction

    In the returns tab, open the tax return you wish to review by using the **View** button
    In the Transactions tab you may use the **Search box** to find a particular transaction - you may search for a number a different fields (including some that are not visible in the table such as the customer name).
    Once the transaction has been identified, you can open any transaction directly in the accounting software by using the **View** button
    On opening the transaction you may edit some details (such as the tax component) and update
    Click "Update"
    We come back to generate.TAX (note the number of transactions)
    Click the **Refresh data** button
    The number of transactions in the VAT return changed (in this case a few entries were amended by the accounting software so a number of lines were added to the return).

    Review transactions in Excel

    In this case we will download all transactions into Excel and investigate transactions in bulk. To download a smaller dataset, you may first use the Search functionality.
    Click on the **Recent Downloads** in your browser
    This will open the created export file in Excel - the **Enable Editing** button needs to be clicked to work on the file
    The data set is best converted into a Excel Table by using the Insert > Table as shown below
    You may now use filters to search for specific data - in the example below we are looking at all transactions in Box 18
    You may filter data on any of the columns in the downloaded Excel file
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