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    Reviewing/Approving Timesheets for Student Employees

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      Navigate to Inside Augsburg. Click "Administrative Tasks"
      Click "Time Entry"
      Click here to search for the specific student's name, or go to your "current pay period" settings in Supervisor Tools and find your student employees there.
      For search: Click the "Search" field and enter the student employee's name.
      Click the employee's profile icon.
      If you are reviewing and approving DURING the current pay period, click "Current Timesheet". If approving for the previous pay period, tab back to the correct pay period by viewing the dates. (Pay periods end every other Saturday and start over every other Sunday. If reviewing on Monday after the pay period, please click back to the pay period that just ended by checking the dates.)
      To review and approve hours for a student, click "Calc Detail" at the top left:
      Please review each line the student has logged hours for your department. Students may have multiple jobs on campus, so if they do, scroll over to the right and check that the hours were worked for your department. When sure, click the three dots for the dropdown for each line/shift they worked:
      Be sure you're approving only time worked in your department by verifying the position over on the right side. If correct, click "Approve". If not correct, reject, and ask the student employee to correct the error. Do the same for all shifts worked in your department. (If you know your student employee only has one job, then all lines/shifts will be for your department.)
      When finished, click "Save", then click "Submit" when all lines/shifts have been reviewed.
      Timesheet review and approval is complete. If you have questions or need assistance, please email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

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