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    Running Reports for Student Performance in Ed- Admin

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    Navigate to [](
    Click Ed.
    Click "Reports"
    You can view "All Class Grades" or individual classes.
    This shows individual classes.
    Click "Growth Report" to see the reading levels and proficiency.
    Click "Program Activity Report" to see software data.
    Click "All Teachers"
    Choose a teacher.
    Click the teachers name.
    Click "Show Student Data"
    Click "Usage" to see Current Software segment and percent completed.
    Click "Performance" to see grades in the different zones.
    Click "Mindset Scan" to see students mindset scores.
    Click "Growth Measure" to see reading levels.
    You can change classes here.
    Click the class you want to see.
    To see individual student reports click "All Students"
    Choose a student.
    Click "Performance"
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