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    SCTC: Generate Program Status Report

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    Download the Program Status Report (excel file) provided by client for the previous month
    Make sure you have a way to export the data from Salesforce, you can use Salesforce Workbench, Salesforce Inspector etc. (For this tutorial, we'll use Inspector)
    Click the arrow on the right side of browser (Once Salesforce Inspector plug-in was installed, this arrow should appear)
    Open and click "Data Export" in a new tab
    Use this query below to get all Account records:\ "Select name, COLLEGE_SERVICE_AREA__C, DOL_PROGRAM_NO__C, id from Account"
    Click "Copy (Excel format)"
    Add another sheet and name it "Account Object"
    Paste the data on this sheet (copied from Salesforce Inspector)
    Click "By Program" sheet
    Press [[Cmd]] + [[a]] to select all data on this sheet
    Click "Insert"
    Click "PivotTable"
    Click "OK"
    Change the sheet name to "Pivot"
    Drag and drop \ "Program Number", "Program Name" and "Program Status" to Rows section (In this exact order)
    Drag and drop below fields to VALUES section:\ "Active", \ "Male",\ "Female",\ "Unknown Gender", \ "Age "16-24",\ "Age "25-34",\ "Age "35 and Over",\ "American, Indian or Alaska Native",\ "Asian",\ "African American/Black",\ "Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander",\ "White",\ "Did not self-identify",\ "Multiple Race Selected"\ \ (as much as possible, in this exact order)
    Click "Content Area" (click anything inside the Pivot table)
    Click "Report Layout"
    Click "Show in Tabular Form"
    Click "Grand Totals"
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