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    SJCA FACTS Re-Enrollment Submission

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    • 17 minutes
    Navigate to <>
    Click the "District Code" field.
    Type in District Code "SJCA-TX"
    Click "Username" field.
    Type in your FACTS Family Portal Username.
    Click the "Password" Field.
    Enter your FACTS Family Portal Password.
    Click "Parent" button.
    Click "LOG IN".
    Click " Apply / Enroll"
    Click "Enrollment / Reenrollment"
    Click "Click here to open Enrollment"
    Click "Start Enrollment Packet"
    Read "Instructions & Resources"
    Click "Next"
    Begin "Step 1: Enrollee Information"
    Click Preferred Name.
    Type in Student's full name
    Click street address
    Type in your home address
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