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    SOW : Sealed Envelope Passport Order - INON and Pinnacle Steps for Local Processing Agents

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    A customer has submitted an order with CIBT for a Sealed Envelope Passport Application; after receiving the order in office, Local Agent must review the order number on the application/order sheet.

    Navigate to [ ]( in web browser.
    Double-click the Order box, enter the Order Number and press 'Enter'
    After order is located, click the 'Status' box to activate order.
    Select how the order was received in office under the 'Received' box.
    Click 'Save'.

    After order activation, the screen will update from YELLOW to WHITE.

    Confirm all information for the Sealed Envelope Order, including the shipping address for customer. This is to ensure Despatch sends the customer the order to the correct address after receiving the passport back in office.

    Tip! If order will be processed at the Miami or DC State Department, the passport will be sent directly to the customer.
    Review that address is correct in 'Delivery Address' box.
    Tip! Make sure you are leaving clear **notes** for this order.

    After confirming address, confirm there is a Pinnacle appointment for this order.

    As this order does not automatically generate a Pinnacle appointment, check Pinnacle for the processing speed of the order.

    Open Pinnacle (http://pinnacle.cibt.local/) in the web browser.
    Click "Find a Traveler" to locate customer reservation.
    Enter customer information, ie Name and Order Number. Click 'Search'.
    Locate the city of processing, and processing speed. For this example, MIAMI State Department will process this passport. The processing speed is 5 days.
    Alert! Review all documents submitted for this passport order. If there are no issues with items submitted, move ahead to the next step.
    Return to the INON order and add in the processing city and processing time. Click 'Edit' on the order line to add this information.
    Select the **Processing Speed, Processing Category (Tier) and Processing City. The code (service) may also need to be updated at this time to reflect the correct Pinnacle submission information.**
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