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      On the water application of the account, enter F9 or click on the Add Work Order icon to create work order: 580 Move-In/Turn-On.
      Order Type 1: Will auto-populate with the work order type entered in step 1. Date Scheduled field: Enter the date the new account is to start.
      Quick Notes: Enter note specific to the work order, usually meant for the FSR working the work order or CSR completing the work order.
      New Account - Customer and Mailing Information entry section. To add new customer information click on the Add icon.
      Person or Business field: Select either "Person: Split First & Last Name" or "Business" for the name layout.
      TITLE field: There is a drop down menu available for customers who have a title they want displayed on the bill.
      Enter the new customer's name and "Additional Contact/Spouse" name in the designated fields.
      SOCIAL SECURITY CODE will default to 1-Social Sec Format. Enter customer's social security or TIN number. Social Security Code field: Select layout option from drop down menu. SSN xxx-xx-xxxx or TIN xx-xxxxxxx.
      Enter customer's drivers license number. State code is: 06/California. All State codes can be looked up by clicking on the search icon.
      Select the appropriate code (if known) for the following: Senior Citizen, Student, Employee, Sex, Marital Status.
      Enter Date of Birth.
      Select telephone type from "Type" drop down menu. Only the options "CELL" or "CELL PHONE" will allow the customer to receive text messages. "CONTACT" or any other phone option will only allow that phone number to receive a "Courtesy Call" option. Proceed with entering the Telephone (number), Contact, Title and select Priority. The main customer will be Primary and the emergency contact or co-tenant will be the secondary. When the phone information has been completed, click on the F5 key to move the cursor to the email section. The cursor may also be manually moved to the Email section by clicking on the email line.
      Select email type from "Type" drop down menu. Proceed with entering the email, Format (HTML), and select Priority option. The main customer will be Primary and the emergency contact or co-tenant will be the secondary. After all information has been entered, click on "Communication Preferences".
      "Account Cis - Communication Preference Maintenance": This portal will allow the CSR to select a communication preference (Email, SMS/Text Message and/or Courtesy Call) per the customer's request for the following items: "Bill is Ready" (account must be billed first to activate this option) and "Collection Events" (Notices). Note: If there are no options in the drop down menu for "SMS/Text Message" or "Courtesy Call" drop down menus, go back to the drop down menu in the Phone Type portal and select "CELL" or "CELL PHONE".
      After selections (if any) have been made, click on Submit.
      The user will be taken back to the Account CIS Maintenance screen. Click Submit to proceed with the work order creation.
      After entering the New Account Customer Name information, a window will open notifying the CSR the work order is coded to verify the new customer's information. If the customer is already existing in Enquesta, click on NO. If the customer is new, click on YES.
      IDENTITY VERIFICATION window will open. The new customer's name, DOB and SSN will already be populated in the specific fields. CSR will need to enter Address, Phone and DL information. The Submit and Cancel buttons at the bottom are not completely visible. In order they are: SUBMIT/ VERIFY ID ONLY SUBMIT/VERIFYING ID & CREDIT CHECK *Use this option* CANCEL/CANCEL.
      The "Verification Result" details the type of verification : "Verifying ID & Credit Check".
      Report window from ONLINE UTILITY EXCHANGE. Exit out of window after viewing the report.
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