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    SVGE CRM Lead Processing Workflow

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    Lead Processing Workflow

    Be sure your logged into your CRM account before getting started.
    Navigate to the Zoho CRM Home Page
    To access the lead click on the last name from the New Leads (Europe) list.
    If you want to quickly reference what event this lead is associated with, click "Campaigns" from the left navigation bar. You will be take to the Campaigns section in the lead record. Here you can see the event name.
    Click "Review" when you are ready to begin the review of the lead record .
    In the review popup you be given another the opportunity to review all of the requiered fields. You will also be given an opportunity to indicate if the lead is a US or Europe sponsor (or both), you can also indicate of the lead is a non sponsor lead. Keep in mind to always review the ponsor type as we are automatically populating it in order to reduce empty fields in the record.
    In this case we are going to set the record to "Non Sponsor", for this you'll need to x out the existing selection and Click "Non Sponsor" to selected as a type.
    Click "Save" to complete the review.
    Once record has been reviewed, the record state will change to "Reviewed". At this point you can do one of three things, approve, reject, or flag a lead as junk. In this case we are going to approve this lead. Click "Approve" to approve the lead.
    When the record state has changed to "Approved", on your keyboard Press [[cmd]] + [[r]] or simply refresh your browser tab to view the converted lead. You should see three pieces of information, Account, Contact and Deal.
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