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    Salesforce Next Best Action: A Comprehensive Setup Guide for Real Estate Investors

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    - All orgs receive 5,000 Next Best Action strategy requests per month at no charge. For additional requests, Salesforce will provide an add-on.<> - There is no Strategy Builder limit. However, for each Strategy canvas, we can load up to 1000 records of recommendations.<> - No limit on recommendations. Flows respect general flow limitations. <>
    For easy reference, below are the new flows associated with Next Best Action.

    Enable User Settings

    From your org, click here.
    Click "Setup"
    Click the "Quick Find" field.
    Type and click on "Users"
    For users to have the necessary access to the Next Best Action feature, enable "Flow Users" for applicable users in "User Profiles." Start by clicking "Edit" next to the user.
    Check the "Flow User" field.
    Click "Save"
    Enable "Einstein Next Best Action - Unlimited Requests" for applicable users by clicking on each users name... "Permission Set Assignments"
    Click "Edit Assignments."
    Ensure "Einstein Next Best Action - Unlimited Requests," "Left Main User" and "Left Main Cadences" are selected added to the "Enabled Permission Sets" column.
    Click the "Add" arrow to add it to the "Enabled Permission Sets" list.
    Click "Save."

    Ensure Read/Write Visibility is On For Certain Fields On Lead/Opportunity Objects (otherwise user will encounter error when rejecting a recommendation)

    Depending on your org's current settings, fields that may need visibility turned on are "has cadence," "last recommendation rejected," "number of days since last outgoing call" and "number of days since last out text."
    Click waffle icon and select "Left Main+."
    Click "Leads"
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