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    Save a Template Project

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    Navigate to the project you will be saving as a template in Asana, go to the project actions > Click "Save as template".
    Make sure to name your template following your naming conventions.
    Select the privacy setting for managing and using the template: • "Anyone with access to this team can use, edit, and delete the template", • "Anyone with access to this team can use this template", • "Only people you've invited can use or edit this template".
    Click "Create template".
    ⏳Wait until the entire project is loaded as a template.
    Click "Continue".
    Define a template for the "Project Overview" of the project > Click "Continue".
    Define a template for the "Project Description" of the project > Click "Continue".
    Review the privacy settings indicated at the beginning of the creation of the template.
    Click the "Invite Asana members…" to add the key team members that will be part of this project.
    Make sure to indicate who will be: • "Owner" of the project, • "Can Use" the project, • "Can Edit" the project, • "Remove the template member" when the person doesn't need to be added to the projects anytime the template is being used.
    Click the "Start typing the name of a Portfolio…" field.
    Click "Done" to save the template.
    Add your template automatically your projects created from the template to the portfolios needed > Click the "Start typing the name of a Portfolio…" to look for the portfolio(s), > Click "Add".
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