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Scheduling a delivery time optimized mailing for a future date in HubSpot

Created by Mike Donnelly | 9 steps
To schedule a delivery time optimized mailing in the future, you'll want to use the "Specific date" workflow option and select the date that you want your mailing to start. This is similar to a regular email where you would select the date and time that you want a mailing to send.
Create your enrollment trigger(s) which can be based on numerous criteria. Most often, this is contacts being members of a list(s) similar to where you select the list(s) that you want to send a regular email to. If you have suppression lists, these can be added either in the enrollment trigger or you can also go to "Settings" --> Unenrollment and suppression and add these lists there.
In the delay action, you'll want to select the time that you want to start having your email delivered. This is similar to when you create a regular email and define the time that you want your email blasted out, however, when using delivery time optimization, this is just the start of the email delivery window.
The mailing start time also becomes the cutoff for additional contacts being allowed to flow through the workflow. For example, with a regular email if you schedule your mailing to go out at 10:00am, any contacts that are added to an "Active" list(s) after 10:00am would not be included in the mailing. This functionality works the same way where once the delay time is reached, if a contact becomes a member of the enrollment triggers list AFTER the cutoff period, they would not flow through the workflow and rather be ejected from it.
Underneath the "Delay" step you'll add an "Email delivery time optimization" step and select the "Delivery window" which is the time period that you are providing to Seventh Sense to personalize the delivery time of your mailing.
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