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    Scrape leads using Instant Data Scraper

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    Navigate to [](
    Click "Select lists..."
    Click "security-us-250-500-june-26"
    Click here.
    Choose only verified leads
    Use the instant Data Scraper Extension (looks like pokeball) - install from [](
    Click on "Copy All"
    Alert! Instant Data Scraper has a Crawl feature, but it misses out on some rows. So do this manually for every page in apollo.
    Alert! Sometimes when there are job changes, instant data scraper won't pick up all leads, ensure the lead count is 25 all the time when pasting in excel sheet
    Switch to tab "Performance <> []( - Google Sheets"
    Click here.
    Press [[ctrl]] + [[v]]
    Now rename the tabs
    Alert! Now we need to split into first name last name and remove unnecessary rows. Only do this after the ENTIRE LIST has been scraped
    Tip! The necessary data columns are only: First Name | Last Name| Job Title | Industry | Email | Company | Website | line1 | line2
    Right-click here.
    Insert a column to the left
    A new column will be inserted to the right
    Choose all leads in "Name" column except First row (Which is the title row)
    Click "Data"
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