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    See Home Price Trends on Redfin

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    Navigate to [](
    Hover over "Buy ▾" to open the menu.
    Click "US housing market"
    You now see a number of graphs at the national level, including the number of homes sold...
    ...and the median sale price.
    Click the "Search Trends by City, Zip..." field to filter down to a city or zip code.
    For example, here's "Austin, TX" (though feel free to search whatever you're curious about).
    Click "Austin"
    Now you can see the stats for this area specifically.
    You can also filter to different home types.
    Want to compare to a different area? Just click "Add Location" and search for it.
    Here's a nice graph comparing single family home prices in Austin and San Antonio, Texas.
    Happy (house) hunting!
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