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    Send Letter of Representation to Dog Owner

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    Add Dog Owner's Information to Insurance Tab

    Get the Dog owner's information from the intake.
    Use google to check address is correctly spelled.
    Click "**[[Insurance]]**" in Filevine
    Click "[[Add an Item.]]"
    Click "I**nsurance Type**" and select " Defendant Insurance"
    Since we don't have insurance information yet, we will skip this part.
    If client have Dog Owner's Insurance information (Company's name, claim & policy number) fax or email the LOR to the insurance company.
    Scroll down and click "[[Add contact]]"
    Fill out contact card with the details provided by client on the intake document.

    Edit the LOR with Adobe

    Since there is no template in Filevine, ask one of the Case Managers for a Dogbite LOR Template.
    Add Dog owner's name and address.
    Open LOR and DOA.
    Click "[[Combine files]]"
    Click " [[Add Open Files]]"
    Select Open PDF File (LOR and DOA) and click " [[Add Files]]"
    Click "[[Combine]]" on the right corner.
    Click "[[Save]]"
    Save the LOR to your computer.
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