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    Sending link via Tall Bob

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      Login to your Tall Bob Platform Account at [](
      If you already have a Custom Data field for your Customers Order ID you can jump to step 3

      Creating a Custom Order ID

      Navigate to the Manage Custom Data page []( Click on the 'Add New Custom Contact Field Button' and add a custom field 'Order ID'
      The created Order ID field is used to store the ID of the customers for whom you would be collecting the review

      Creating Third Party URL Redirect Landing Page

      Navigate to []( and click on the 'Create New Landing Page' Button
      Provide a landing page name and select the landing page type as 'Third Party URL Redirect' and click on the 'Create Button'

      Creating Dynamic Link in [](

      Navigate to [](
      Click on the 'Review Type' Dropdown and choose the type of review you want to use.
      There will be a link displayed at the bottom of the page. Copy and paste the link in text editor
      Custome the link that has been copy-pasted. The following details need to be updated to customize the link -The 'user' field should include the customer's First and Last Name {FNAME=''}%20{LNAME=''} - The 'order_id' field should use the Custom Data Value we setup earlier {ORDERID} - The 'email' field should use the Customers Email address {EMAIL}
      The changes to your Custom URL will look similar to this
      Navigate back to the 'Third Party URL Redirect' page you created. Paste the updated link from 'Step 8' in the 'Third Party URL' field.
      Once the required customizations are done, click on the 'Save & Close Button'

      Sending a Message using the Third Party URL Landing Page

      Navigate to [](
      You will need to have Customers already uploaded into your platform as contacts with the following fields * First Name * Last Name * Email (required) * Mobile (required) * Order ID (required)
      Select the landing page created with the 'Updated Review Link' and click on the Next Button.
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