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    Sending a MMS Campaign

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    Navigate to [](
    Select a landing page and video that you would want to send in the MMS Campaign and click on the 'Next Button'.
    Select your Sender ID. This will be the number or alphanumeric characters from which the customers would receive their messages from
    Enter the 'Subject Field'. This is a required field while sending a MMS Campaign
    Enter the Message Text. The Message Text is where you would provide your campaign content and landing page link [if applicable].
    Click on the "Insert Page URL" Link in the Message Text Field. If you are sending an MMS with a landing page, this is a required step as this link would fetch the landing page ID
    Select the file you want to send with your MMS in the File to Send Section. If you want to use a new file, click on the 'Upload Button' to upload the file that you want to send
    Once you have completed the above steps, click on the 'Next Button'
    Select the contacts to which you would like to send the MMS campaign and click on the 'Next Button' to land on the 'Settings Tab'
    Under the 'Settings Tab' you can schedule your campaign and add a few settings for your form responses [if required]. Provide a name for your campaign and click on the 'Send Button'
    Verify your campaign name and click on the 'Send Button'
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