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    Sending an SMS Campaign with a Landing Page

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    Login to your Tall Bob account and navigate to [](
    If you want to send an SMS without the landing page click here: [](
    You will land on the SMS Campaign page. Select the landing page (optional: and video) you would like to send for your campaign and click on 'Next Button'
    Select a Sender ID and navigate to the Message section.
    If you want to send an SMS campaign with a landing page, the following step is mandatory.
    Provide your campaign content and click on the Insert Page URL icon.\ \ Once the Insert Page URL icon is clicked, you will see an {URL} tag appearing on your message tab and an actual URL appearing on the preview mode.
    Please note that the {URL} tag should not be modified as that tag fetches the landing page selected in the previous step with your message.
    Once the campaign content is provided and the message URL is selected click on the 'Next' Button.
    Select the Contacts or Lists to which you would want to send the campaign
    Enter the Campaign name and click on the 'Send' Button.
    If you get stuck in the middle, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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