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    Set Action Plan on Tasks from Action Plan Items

    • Elise Pottinger |
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      Navigate to Salesforce Setup to create a custom lookup field called "Action Plan" on the Task.
      Click "Object Manager"
      Navigate to the "Activity" object.
      Click "Fields & Relationships"
      Click "New" button to create a custom field.
      Choose "Lookup Relationship"
      Click "Next" button.
      Click the "Related To" dropdown and select the "Action Plan" object.
      Click "Next" button.
      Set the "\*Field Label" as Action Plan and tab down to automatically set the Field Name.
      Write help text to explain the purpose of the new field and how it is populated.
      Click "Next" button.
      Set the field level security and click the "Next" button.
      Set the field on applicable page layout(s).
      Go to the Home tab in Setup and search for Flow.
      Click "Flow" to navigate to Flow.
      Click "New Flow"
      Create a new Autolaunched Flow.
      Toggle open the Toolbox.
      Click "New Resource"
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