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    Set Part / Customer / Vendor Alias

    • Sierra Smith |
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    • 2 minutes
    Open Parts from General page.
    Select part you'd like to set as Alias.
    Click "Edit"
    Open "Alias" tab.
    Enter Alias Part # and then check "Sell as Alias" box.
    Click Save.
    To sell the Alias part to a specific customer, enter Customer # here.
    Enter the unique Part # in Customer Part # field.
    Enter description of part in Customer Description field.
    Click Save. Note: Customer Alias function will only work if the Customer # is listed in the Ship To Customer field on the Work Order.
    To set Vendor Alias, enter vendor number here or use magnifying glass to search.
    Enter unique Part # here.
    Enter Part # description here.
    Click "Save"
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