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    Set Sentry Metric Alerts - Reduce Alert Noise and Increase Developer Productivity

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    **Set alerts by project in Sentry - Start with a project view. See critical metrics, recent triggered alerts, latest releases.**
    **Click "Create and Alert" to create an alert for this project**
    **Metric alerts tell you when a metric crosses a threshold set by you, like a spike in the number of errors in a project or change in a performance metric. There are three types of Metric Alerts - Errors, Sessions, and Performance.**
    **Set metric alerts for Session (Crash Rate Alerts)** **Crash rate alerts give you a better picture of the health of your app, or a project, or a specific release**
    **Set metric alerts on application performance -- pinpoint application problems that are affecting your application user experience**
    **Metric alerts use Critical and Warning triggers to measure severity. You can set the status of an alert rule when a threshold is met. There are three status states. Sentry will alert you when the status changes state. Push Set Conditions to get started.**
    **Metric Alert Example: Type - Crash Free Session Rate.** **Look at the trend over the last 7 days, choose the time interval to evaluate your metric, specify which environment Sentry should monitor**
    **Add filters to your metric alert to narrow down what you will be alerted about. This will give you pinpoint control and reduce alert noise. Use transaction tags or event properties.**
    **Set Critical and Warning Triggers - the warning threshold must be set less than the critical threshold**
    **Set additional actions - when a critical status is reached or when warning status is reached.**
    **When a status changes to Critical, send a message via Slack, email, Teams, and other messaging systems.**
    **Send the alert an individual member or an entire team.**
    **Enter an alert name**
    **Save the rule**
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