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    Setup Jira API access to VZBL

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    Navigate to [](
    Click here.
    Click "Integrations"
    Click this icon.
    Double-click this text field.
    Opena new tab and login to JIRA.[ ](
    In the URL bar at the top, copy your JIRA domain. e.g.
    Switch back to the VZBL Integration tab
    Paste the domain. Delete the https:// and the ending / if it comes with it.
    Click this text field and enter your email address. Since API tokens are user specific, we are just assigning a user to the API token.
    Click "[]("
    Click "Create API token"
    Type "VZBL Token"
    Click "Create"
    Click "Copy" to Copy your API token from Jira
    Switch to back to VZBL Integrations Tab
    Double-click this API Token field and paste token from JIRA
    Click "Save"

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