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    Setting Up Domains, DNS Records, and Email Accounts

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    Navigate to Google Domains
    If you are buying a new domain, ensure that the domain ends in '.com' and is similar to the company's main domain.
    Once you've bought a domain, Click "Manage"
    Then Click "DNS"
    And Click "Manage custom records" so we can add our DMARC and Custom Tracking records.
    Insert the DMARC record using these values: Host: _dmarc Type: TXT Value: "v=DMARC1;p=none;" Make sure you replace '[](' with your actual domain.
    In the screenshot the DMARC record has "p=quarantine" instead of "p=none". It is best to put "p=none".
    Next, add the Custom Tracking record by inserting: Host: inst Record Type: CNAME Value: []( This custom tracking record is specific to Instantly. If you're not using Instantly as your email campaign builder/manager, the custom tracking record will be different.
    Click "Save" when done.
    Now, go to "Email"
    Here is where we will create our new email accounts. Start by clicking "Add user"
    Input the relevant information and click "Add". Add as many new email addresses as you'd like.
    All done. Now you have new domains and email accounts that you can use to send cold emails en masse. However, these domains and email accounts are not ready just yet. You will need to warm them up and should not send cold messages for at least the first 14 days.
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