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    Setting Up Reticle Line Items in DV360

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    You can create Reticle line items in either a separated or grouped insertion order.
    Open up the "Public Inventory" setting
    Ensure all open inventory sources are deselected and click 'Apply'
    Verify that 0 Exchanges and 0 Subexchanges are selected
    Edit 'Deals and Inventory Package'
    Search for your Reticle Deal IDs
    Add one, or many Reticle Deal IDs\*\ \ \*we suggest running each signal in distinct line items to evaluate unique performance across each signal, but you can group the signals to boost scale, if needed.
    Click "Apply"
    Edit "Environment" and Remove In-App inventory
    Edit "Open Measurement"
    We suggest keeping Viewability to 50% or greater to begin. As the deal scales, please feel welcome to increase and monitor.
    Update Budget and Pacing, changing the settings from the Insertion Order to the Line Item and enter the budget that you would like the line item to spend to. \ \ Update the flighting as desired.
    Reticle supports upper and mid funnel performance. We encourage you to switch the bidding strategy, at least initially, to "Maximize viewable impressions".
    Click "Additional options"
    **If you have non-Reticle line items in your insertion order**, select, "Prioritize deals over open auction inventory"\ \ We do not suggest entering a CPM cap, at least until the Deal has been active for a day or two.
    Ensure that the Frequency Cap is unique to the line item. \ \ Update the frequency in accordance with your best practices.
    Assign your creatives and launch your line item.
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