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    Setting up Email Confirmation Automation in Keap/Infusionsoft

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    VISION To Set-up Email Confirmation Automation in Keap/Infusionsoft
    RESOURCES Log-in credentials for Keap Max Classic/Infusionsoft Email Copy Watch [Loom Video Walkthrough Tutorial Here](
    Log-in to Client's Infusionsoft/Keap Max Classic Account. Click the hamburger icon on the top left corner below
    Select "Campaign Builder"
    To Create a new Campaign, just click on "Create Your Own" button on the center part of the interface
    Set a name and category of the campaign. Make sure to use this naming convention template LD | \[Insert Funnel or offer name\]
    Click on "Save" button
    It will show you a confirmation message: "Name and categories successfully updated"
    Drag the "Tag Applied" icon on the left side to the campaign builder interface
    Right click and click on "View and edit" from the dropdown list
    Click the "Select a tag" field. And Make sure to select the exact tag that you have previously created for the particular landing page or offer to segment the contacts.
    To check the name of the tag, go to "Settings" section on the top right corner and Click on "Tags"
    For this example: "7 Figure Fitness Funnel" was the name of the tag" [if you haven't created a tag yet refer to this SOP documentation](
    If. you have already created the "Tag", click the "Select a tag" field
    Search for the exact name of the tag and it will show up from the dropdown
    Click the "Select a tag category" field and choose the category on the dropdown list
    For this example, I've chosen "Lead"
    It will automatically populate as shown below
    Click on the "Save Button"
    Now let's add another step on the Keap Max/Infusionsoft automation. Drag the "Email Confirmation" on the campaign builder interface
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